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  • Yes i know i have a lot of questions, but I am still pretty new to Construct 2 -> a lot different from Game Maker as when you run into a problem you code it... But construct 2 is better a lot.. ANYWAYS.

    Constraints? I have a person with a mouse, that double clicks here and somewhere else in the window. I want it to Constraint(Attach together) what they clicked, what is the better way to do this?

    I have a double click event and a global variable for if a block is selected and a hover object event. It goes to 1 so when you select the next object it will link them via the "create revolute joint" but its glitchy and does not always work... Any ideas?

  • I've had a lot of problems with the revolute joint attaching too. Have you tried adding the Pin Behavior? You also have to make an event to attach it with Pin.

    I've found that to be a lot more reliable in situations where I can get away with it.

    If you have two physics objects, you'll want to tell them to ignore collisions.

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  • That is a way I guess. It does kind take away from the physics though... As I do not want them to "Pin" I still want them movable, but attached together. Any other ideas anyone?

    Also I'll keep working on it, and post back here once I figure out a good solution, for anyone else.

  • And is there away with Pin for physics to stop rotating.... Its really annoying... Prevent Rotation is not a option for in game....

  • I Figured out, a pretty good way to achieve this. Should I put it up?

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