How do I make a constant stream trail?

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  • So I took a look at this post: is-there-a-way-to-give-a-sprite-a-trail_t65271

    On how to make a trail. I thought it was great for something that only moved straight but I was looking for a more smoother look.

    For my uses, I want to use a stream like effect on the exhaust of a rocket. The problem with using the trail in the forum is that it creates a whole other sprite and when the rocket is moving and taking all around turns, separate sprites are shown which completely breaks the effect. I was thinking something like a trail from One More Line or Tron, it's constant.

    How would I use only one sprite to elongate into a trail steam and dissappear over a certain period of time?

    Here's the Capx of the rocket using the trail: ... .capx?dl=0

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  • If you change your sprite you can make it more like what your looking for. try using a sprite with edges that arnt so harsh so that they blend together

  • Could you please explain what you mean a little more? Do you mean make the exhaust have more polygons or actually make it a shape?

    I don't know how this could solve the flow of the exhaust stream. When the rocket move angles quite quickly, the stream breaks and even if it's on a linear path, individual sprites can still be identifiable.

  • i mean change the look of the image. the best way to get what your asking is making it have soft edges. and the best result would probably be to have a soft sprite that is a circle of one color as blending would be easier. the current rectangle shape is what makes is not blend.

    Fake edit: hey i decided to make what i mean. I made it quickly so you still have to adjust it(spawnpoint and ect) but it show what i mean. If you want more colors maybe try a gradient.

  • Brilliant! This will definitely will require tweaks but I can accomplish it. Thank you Volkiller.

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