Constant speed/velocity for platform?

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  • Hi, I used a playerBox that is bound to my player all the time. It has platform behavior.

    I don't want the acceleration and deceleration and I want a uniform or constant speed always.

    For example, the Max speed is 200 and acceleration and deceleration are both 100. The player speeds up and slows down due to the acceleration/deceleration.

    I want the speed to be always 200 from start to finish.

    I set the acceleration and deceleration to both 0 but the player did not move at all from the start.

    How can I do that?

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  • just input a large number, 10000000 or so and it should be almost constant top speed without any acceleration or deceleration

  • Hello, I have got exactly the same problem, and the solution offered by BAClog do not quite convinced me. Has anybody found another way to get a constant speed or disable acceleration?

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