Is there a consensus on the best steps for building the app?

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  • Is there a consensus on the best steps for bringing your game from export to build to publish on Android/Google Play? There are lots of different sources out there suggesting different things, whether it's the manual, or tutorials, or answers on forum sites, which are all like bits and pieces of tutorials that don’t always agree, instead of one big one that covers all the most up-to-date details that are likely to work for most people for most projects. Being sure to have the latest version of C2 and Intel XDK is a good first step. After that:


    1) Minify script? Yes/No

    2) Use new Intel XDK project format? Yes/No

    3) Minimum supported OSs: Minimum Android: Which to choose?


    1) Adobe PhoneGab Build or Intel XDK? (By my experience, PhoneGap Build offers practically no options/help/app preparation, compared to Intel XDK's many forms and features.)

    2) Intel XDK Projects Tab: Do anything under Plugin Management, or leave as-is? (Dependent on: "Use new Intel XDK project format?")

    3) Intel XDK Projects Tab: Plugin Management: How to use the Admob Ads plugin? (Is it necessary to purchase and use a 'Cranberry' third-party plugin?)

    4) Intel XDK Develop Tab: Edit or do anything with any of these files? (Such as regards plugins in

    5) Intel XDK Emulate Tab: How dependable is the Samsung Galaxy S emulation result? (Example: In my current project, it works, but testing on device doesn't.)

    6) Intel XDK Test Tab: Intel App Preview on Samsung/Android device: How to resolve issues of the app not working correctly the way it does in-browser and in Emulate Tab? (Example: In my current project, it only goes so far as to show the loader, and then the background color of my first layout, but it fails to show/run my Spriter scene/pngs.)


    1) Google Play Developer Console: APK: Upload new APK to Production: For apps larger than 100MB, how do you use Expansion Files?

    *Advanced: How do you use Expansion Files for games involving two separate C2 projects? (For example: Perhaps the last layout of the first C2 project ends with "Go to layout (by name)" and the "name" is the first layout of the second C2 project?)

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  • Export:

    1. I don't minify script

    2. I use cordova still, haven't tried the new xdk project format

    3. I leave the supported OS's on 8.0iOS and android 4


    1. I use XDK

    2. In Plugin management, I use Insomnia plugin. The cordova is already there if you choose that option when starting the project.

    3. I never used Admob

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