How to connect Sound to Car Behaviour

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  • I´m having trouble playing sounds connected to a Car behaviour --> dependent on speed, if its accelerating drifting etc

    The sound fires constantly or does not at all.

    The examples I´v found are all very straightforward like on collision or mouse click, never to a changing/ ongoing variable.


  • Torpedo You'll need some acceleration/movement speed conditions and then only play the sound once while looping (i'm assuming you know how to trigger the sound only once versus continuously).

    Driving sounds

    If speed > 0 and < speed 100 and Not turning, Play soundSlowDriveLoop

    If speed >= 100 and < speed 200 and Not turning, Play soundMediumDriveLoop

    If speed >= 200 and < speed 300 and Not turning, Play soundFastDriveLoop

    Driving sounds

    If speed > 0 and < speed 100 and turning, Play soundSlowDriftLoop

    If speed >= 100 and < speed 200 and turning, Play soundMediumDriftLoop

    If speed >= 200 and < speed 300 and turning, Play soundFastDriftLoop

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  • Thanks for digging up my question

    This is what I come up. Using Trigger Once and "manually" stopping the sounds.

    Is this what you meant. It works kindish but to sound anything acceptable I´ll need to blend some more sounds on top. Acceleration Gear Brakes Drifting etc. This setup is kinda messy, having to track all individual sounds and stop them, blending and timming each sound.. sounds like a nightmare.

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