Can you connect objects?

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  • Hi all,

    I'm making an isometric top down game, and it has destroyable walls.

    I'm using 32x32 tiles in this game.

    When I have a wall that has no other wall under it, because it's isometric, you can also see the wall side.

    e.g. here the X is the destroyable part, o is normal wall, = is side wall:





    My problem is when I destroy the bottom wall I want to make the highlighted side-wall go along with it.

    I've done what I think is a messy solution of making a new sprite:



    ..Which is 32x64.

    And then catering for both object types when I look for a bullet hitting either a normal destroyable wall (objectA) or the longer destroyable wall (object B).

    This seems messy because it's double the code and involved making a new asset for one scenario.

    So long story sort, is there a way to combine two objects and have the event list cater for it.. something like

    Destroyable wall is hit: 1, destroy it 2, Destroy glued objects

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  • Argh I can't see an edit button and the posted font messed up my little examples.

    Hopefully it still makes sense withouy the example.

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