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  • I have made a small mathematics game with three levels.

    I do not remember how i connected the level2(layout) to the eventsheet2.

    I am not able to link level3(layout) to the eventsheet3.

    here is the game

    Is it the limitation of the free version I have been using ?

    Please help

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  • the example i have given in the dropbox doesn't have any code in eventsheet3 but i have tried putting code in eventsheet3 also..not working

    even in the projects window when we right click on the level3(layout) the eventsheet option is disabled which probably means this layout(level3) is not linked to any eventsheets..but how did this happen or how to link the layouts to eventsheet ?

  • OOps ..i will tell u the rules of the game ...

    We have to click on the numbers in the matrix in such a way that the product of them is equal to the number in the Right side under the label SUM (i have to change the backgrounds, sorry)

    There are three levels ... level 1 - 3x3 matrix ..likewise

    the problem comes only in level response to whatever code we give

    Sorry for my poor explanation :-/

  • a picture is worth 1000 words..may be this will explain better

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • I am really sorry for my naiveness

    I found the solution

    It was very silly of me , not to find the solution first hand.I spent 3 hours on this and found :-/

    I have to connect the layout to eventsheet in the layout properties.

    Sorry again

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