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  • I keep seeing posts about making multi-player games. Do they mean games where people are all playing on the same computer, or do they mean games that can be played online by multiple users in different areas? example: playing cards online, one player is in new york, another player is in paris, etc.

    If it's the latter, how would you make a game like that, or is it too complicated for a novice to learn?

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  • Multiplayer games are generally understood to refer to "games that can be played online by multiple users in different areas". A key requirement is a server that can manage player interactions. Implementing such a server is beyond the (current) scope of Construct 2 - and probably beyond the skillset of most users of Construct 2.

    A few plugins have been developed for Construct 2 which enable the client-side interactions with a multiplayer server. (For example, I've developed an experimental plugin which interacts with a Photon game server.) Do a Forum serach for 'multiplayer', and you'll find discussions of these plugins - and of multiplayer issues in general.

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