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  • How do I confirm that I own this program? I don't have my license file. Now what?

    Howcome it doesn't show up on my profile that I already own the thing?

    what do?

    I see that I can request my license again, all I need is my payment transaction ID.

    well great, that is NO help.

  • do you not still have the email they sent you upon purchase? search your inbox for the same email address they used when requesting your transaction ID

    or... bump.... i did do this a while ago when i miss placed my licence details

  • It would day me days to search me email and find it LOL. If not weeks. I have 35,000 messages in my inbox, and I would have to go through and remember when I purchased it several years ago.

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  • If you go to the store page, there is a link on the left that says Your downloads. click that to find your license.

  • as I just said, it is not there. I purchased it before they had that.

  • i have a badge on my avatar that says I own it for the love of pete! Howcome I can't just click verify or have it send me a new email license or something? This is ridiculous.

  • cs2curious

    As it says in the store, email if you have licensing issues. The majority of responses you will get here are from normal users, which is of no use to you.

    Email scirra and explain the situation to

  • Yep, all you can expect here is witty remarks like:

    Would you like some hey with that cow you're having?

  • Hay* and sure, but only if it is bermuda, alfalfa is too rough. ;P

    I have emailed them, if it doesn't get resolved you can expect me to come back with an even bigger cow. ^_^

  • Yep, all you can expect here is witty remarks like:

    Would you like some hey with that cow you're having?

    Ah, Newt. You certainly can 'turn a phrase'

  • If you purchased it before the new store, you would of simply been emailed your license and that would of been that. If you've lost it, drop support an email with:

    • Payment reference (you would of paid with Paypal)
    • Email addresses it might of been delivered to

    99% of the time we can recover it no problem!

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