How do I confine player movement area at layout's end?

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  • I'm trying to make a platform game where there is a boss at the end of the layout. To allow the player to focus on the boss, I wish for the layout to have 0% x 0% parallax when it reaches that area. Do I have to create a new layout for this to happen or is there a way to keep it in the same layout? Any comments or help is deeply appreciated. Thanks!

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  • I'm guessing you have the scroll to behaviour on the avatar or on an object tied to the player's position?

    If so, the simplest way would be to disable the scroll-to behaviour on the avatar/camera once the avatar passes into the boss area.

    Another way, if you're using a camera object, would be to disassociate the camera from the player on reaching the boss area and move it the centre of the area.

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