How do I Configure Scenes to Play Back-to-Back?

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  • Hi,

    After completing the first scene (layout) of a new game I am working on, I duplicated it, changed a few things, and then attempted to preview how smooth the gameplay was between the two scenes. And of course, nothing happened. So I started looking for documentation on how to stitch the scenes together so that they would play back-to-back without any pauses or ugly transitions. I came up empty. There’s a good deal of information on transitions (fading in/out, shifting the scene, etc.), but nothing on continues, back-to-back, seamless gameplay between scenes. Not that I could find anyway.

    My scenes are 1280 pixels wide, and the idea is for the player to traverse them in sequence. In at least one scene I know of, the player needs to be able to jump from the end of one scene directly into the beginning of the next – seamlessly – and be able to continue with the gameplay without pauses, fading transitions, or any kind of noticeable scene shifts. The idea is for the camera to naturally follow the player through all 7 scenes until he reaches a save game point, at which time the next level starts.

    First, can this be done with Construct 2? Is there a way to stitch scenes together so that they play continuously, seamlessly, back-to-back, without any noticeable transitions?

    Second, are there any tutorials, documentation, or examples which show how to achieve this?


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  • I'm not quite sure about that because I never tried it myself. But I think you can do that if you create a invisible object at the end of each scene that on collision with the player will load the next scene.

    You'll have to think a little bit more about the algorithm if you want the scene to change independent of the position of the player (If he is jumping, walking, running or whatever) so the transition will be as smooth as you want.

    But yes, I think it can be done

  • RayKi, thanks for the reply. According to staff, it can't be done exactly the way I need it to work. I need to be able to create scenes and have the gameplay seamlessly run through them in sequence (or random if desired) automatically. Or at least without too much trouble, To see what I mean, check out this video at about the 14:16 mark:

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    It's hands down the best scene editor I've tested so far, but the price is more than I paid for Adobe's Master Collection back in the day.

    So I've decided to try combining all the scenes for one really long level, and see how much of a performance hit there is on mobile. But it's 8,000+ pixel wide. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";-)" title="Wink">

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