how do I configure pathfinding?

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  • As in the fallout shelter the game where there is a false sense of depth, I also have to re-create a similar movement. Pathfinding is fantastic and it works great with games of all kinds, but when I have to create a 2D game, I do not like that my character is going in and turn on itself if it should turn right or left, as in the present in the DEMO Construct 2 in which the triangle turns on itself when it has to choose which way to go.

    I have to make sure that the character moves with TOUCH or mouse click (done).

    I have to make sure that the character avoid obstacles (made with pathfinding)

    I have to make sure that the character does not turn on itself when it has to go right or left ....

    Or you can propose an alternative.

    Unfortunately I suffer from anterograde amnesia that forces me to reprogram the game every single time since the beginning. Ask you is the only chance I have to get on with my projects or, arrived at the halfway point, if I move away from the location of risk job of forgetting important steps or, if I enter the info texts, the risk of not fully understanding them .

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  • I did not think that maybe there is a plugin fit for purpose ... now I look. There are so many in this internet site that maybe I am.

  • The more I think the more I think it's not necessary to use pathfinding. Having to move the player probably as fallout shelter, when the character approaches a subject I will create an animation. In short .... a fiction.

    Maybe I'm making the biggest problem of what is actually ...

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