How do I Configure Facebook ads SDK to track my installs?

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  • Hi all,

    I wanna try FB ads with a construct 2 project, but to track my install Facebook forces to install their sdk.

    Any idea how can i do?

    I can contribute or donate 10 usd by paypal to the user who can help me please.



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  • Any idea about how can I install the FB SDk and track my installs trought Facebook?


  • Yes.

    This is if you have an android app:

    • You have set up an app in Facebook developer. Then add Android platform, when doing that you need the key hash (from the app). Hard to get, but google how to do it.
    • When that is set, you can add the Facebook plugin to Intel XDK. When adding the plugin you need to type in the AppID, which you got from facebook when you set up the android platform there. (This includes the Facebook SDK into your android app. which will give "a call" to facebook once the app is started)
    • then you need to create a new Ad set in Facebook Ads, and point that ad set to the newly created Facebook app. and create new Ad. (That Ad can have Installs as cost target, but not required)
    • then you need to upload this new apk from Intel XDK (with the Facebook plugin), to GooglePlay.

    You do not need to add somthing to Contruct2.

    If ALL things are set up correctly, then it will work. Then you can see how many clicks you have got, and also have many installs you got.

    You can also see in the Facebook developer console: all installs, and even all gameplays. In the Analytics tool.

    You can get information about the device and OS.

    You can though NOT get any information of the actual users (country, gender, age, etc) for this you need to add a facebook login into the game, via Contruct2. (it works, but not necassary if you only want to track installs)

    This is a cool thing, but NOT easy to set up the first time!

  • similar description for iphone app, but then you do not need hash keys. you add it in another way.

  • fredriksthlm

    Hi, which Facebook Plugin do I need to add into Intel XDK?

    Can you let me know the plugin id please?


  • it is the one that you find in the plugin section. in xdk. as a standard one

    do not add any new url or stuff

    it is called 'Facebook jeduan fork' (or similar). i'm at work now so cannot see exactly

  • fredriksthlm hello!

    Please tell about iOS setup

  • SparklingAir

    You do everything exactly the same way. Just add IOS platform instead of Android platform into your app in Facebook developer.

    It is actually easier than Android since IOS do not require key hashes..

    But just follow the steps above

  • fredriksthlm

    Thank you!

    However, with this approach in the advertising company need to use the Facebook application?

  • SparklingAir Yes, this topic was how to track installs from Facebook ad system, to verify installs, not clicks.

    If you get installs from other sources you will have to track the installs in their ad system obviously. since facebook ad system only tracks installs from facebook ads, install by facebook users.....

    you need a callback from the app to the ad api, to verify which user that actually did download and install, not only how many clicks you got..

  • Great post!

    Assuming I have done everything right, is there a way to test this before uploading to the store?

    To verify that calls are sent to facebook?

    I have used cocoon's facebook plugin.


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