How do I have condition to: collide with TWO (2) objects?

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  • I am making a game with a car - side view. Hence, I have the front wheel as one sprite, and the back wheel as the second sprite.

    The objective of the game is to get the car to be completely stopped over a particular platform. Hence, I TRIED to set up a condition for the following 2 conditions:

    1. If front tire collides with platform (basically parked on top of the platform)


    2. If back tire collides with platform (basically parked on to of the platform)

    However.. I do NOT see how to set up a single condition for BOTH of these options.. once I tell it to detect if there is a collision with the front tire, it does NOT let me set up in the same condition to also check about the back tire.

    Any ideas?

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  • Right click on your first condition and then choose add condition and insert another condition , you can have multiple conditions . Read manual on conditions in events.

  • 'On collision' is a trigger. You can not combine triggers with an AND. You could use triggers to check for the overlapping of both tires. Make the event an OR block then add the second trigger. Then add the sub-condition to check if both tires overlap an object. You may need an invisible object to test overlap, tied to your platform. See if overlapping the platform works first - I can't say for sure.

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