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  • for example:

    What condition do I find the analysis that is behind an object to another?

  • what? more specifics please? i cant really comprehend what you mean by that.. if you mean by a performance bench you can try the debug mode... if not please rephrase

  • Sprite - On collision with another object

    (sub event) Sprite Pick top/bottom -> do action

    you can find the top/bottom choice in the very lower right of the "add event" window in the Zorder section

  • I dont understand sprite pick. The documentation was not found.

    Pls help better.

  • It's in the manual under common conditions:

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  • "Picking" in construct is the term used for specifying which objects you are going to apply an action to.

    All of them, or specific ones etc.

    if you were to say:

    On start of layout -> Player destroy

    it would destroy all Players in the game

    but if you were to say

    on start of layout

    (sub event)

    Pick by evaluate, = "hero" -> Destory

    it would only destory the player who's instance variable "name" is "Hero"

    so with your overlapping example.

    First you need to determine which objects are overlapping

    Player on collision with another object (object 2)

    (sub event) pick Top/Bottom -> Actions

    Once the two objects overlap -> you use the "pick top/bottom" to pick which object specifically you want to do the actions to. Either the top or bottom object.

    On collision with another object is a form of picking a specific object

    just like "pick by evaluate", or pick nearest/farthest etc

  • I do not think so the question.

    I want to state that one cube to another cube is whether the right or left side .


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