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  • Hello

    Just joined Construct2 so far I am liking what I see. I came from a Flash AS2 background and find lots of similarities but Construct 2 is a lot easier to use.

    I followed the Gjost Shooter tutorial and modeled game.

    I managed to get different objects(balloons) onto the screen and move around just like the monsters and changed the mouse pointer to a pin.

    And then set the following so that on a mouse click a balloon would pop:

    Condition: System> Every tick

    Action: >Mouse > Set cursor from sprite pin

    Condition: Mouse > On left button clicked on "a"

    Action: >"a" > Destroy

    Audio> Play BalloonPoppingSound not looping at volume 5db(tag"")

    Condition: >"a" Is outside layout

    Action: >"a" Set angle toward (Mouse.X, Mouse.Y)

    My question is How would I play another audio ie 3 times and wait for the user to pop the appropriate balloon? if not popped then next audio is played ... etc?

    I know this is possible in Flash AS2 so I assume it could be done in Construct2 as well.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated

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