How complex would it be to make a top down tile based AI?

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  • Hi, kind of new to all this, don't bash me too much if I say something stupid or do something wrong please.

    Anyway, I've been playing around with Construct for a while now, and I've come up with about half a top down, turn based tile strategy game, a little like the advance wars games. What I have is essentially four player units on one side of a map and three enemy units on the opposite side. I haven't got a proper grid system or anything set up, for the most part the players are moved via the Grid Movement behaviour. Anyway, I have the players all set up, so they can be moved at the cost of an energy source they have. I have some ideas about how I'll set up the rest, such as different attacks, range of attacks, etc, but I'm kind of stuck on how exactly I'd set up the movement of the enemy units.

    So basically, I'm wondering how difficult it'd be to make it so that after the player moves his/her units, and a variable ticks over, the enemy units would move in the Grid Movement style across the field to the player units, avoiding any obstacles on the map.

    I know this probably sounds like an incredibly vague question, or there might be something about this kind of thing already, but I've already searched around for a while without any results that were useful. I don't have an incredibly huge understanding of Construct, mostly just the basics, which is why I'm asking how difficult this would be.

    So... Does anyone know exactly what I'd have to do to go about this kind of thing?

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