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  • Hello everyone,

    I know the basics of JavaScript and the principles of creating algorithms.

    I write in JavaScript, but I'm not a programmer and I'm just tired of all this guessing about: what's going on in the browser console now ;-)

    Construct 2 is more convenient for me due to the visual arrangement of the algorithms.

    But I wonder if Construct 2 would meet such requirements.

    I have main Event Sheet with core game structure.

    Also I have many Event Sheets for particular game objects.


    My game is a text adventure game. In this project I can go to different rooms and corridors. Thanks to the descriptions I can find out where I am and where I can go further in a specific direction. It's like walking in a maze.

    Each room or corridor has a set of features. In JavaScript it is a very complex object. Some of its properties are short names, while others are consecutive objects with different properties.

    For this reason, one room is one Event Sheet but the logic of the game is in Main Event Sheet.

    Is this possible?

    I am asking for any hints on how to get this type of solution.

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