Make complex multi-object enemies work when theres multiple?

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  • Here's my dilema that I'm sure everyone who's made a complex NPC has had in their time.

    Initial sprite gets destroyed, spawns a new sprite and a rotate point sprite.

    Sprites start rotating around that rotate point.

    It works perfectly fine.

    Add a second enemy. Kill the first one. Destroy behavior works as intended and now the sprites are rotating around the rotate point sprite.

    Kill the second enemy. Now it wants to rotate around the rotate sprite but instead of rotating around the newest rotate sprite it rotates around the first one. Screwing up the intended effect.

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  • So what you have is a picking problem?

    I'v never worked with a "rotate sprite" or anything like that, not even sure what it is..

    Is there any way to tell the rotate sprites apart?

    for example by adding a variable to both the sprite and the rotate sprite and checking that..

    I'm guessing the multi-object enemies have some way for the multi-objects to know they belong together, couldn't that be used?

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