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  • I have many doors in my game, each door is opened and closed by a 'power cell', when the player hits the cell, (for the sake of animation) every 0.2 seconds I add one to a 'power cell charge' variable, when the charge reaches 7 I set a 'charged' bool to true.

    At this point, the door opens along with some lights surrounding it.

    To open the door I give every effected sprite a 'cellNumber' variable and I say:

    When PowerCell is 'charge'

    When PowerCell "PowerCellNumber" is 1

    When Door "PowerCellNumber" is 1

    When lights "PowerCellNumber" is 1

    Open door & turn on lights.

    I've got tens of doors in my levels, there's got to be a more simple way of doing this but I've wrestled with it for hours. This current system doesn't even work particularly well.

    Can anyone help me out?


  • sounds like you are looking for the function object. Just code once and repeat with different parameters.

  • I tried this but it doesn't work because i have multiple instances of everything - It means if I open one door they all open lol

  • It should work if you call the function at the right spot and/or pass the right parameters to the function.

  • Try 'Pick By Comparison'. then pick all doors with PowerCellNumber the same as PowerCell.PowerCellNumber

  • I think using families, "pick by UID" and some arrays could be better.

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  • EncryptedCow

    Wow pick by comparison almost works - but it doesn't work when I have it as 'trigger once' - which is something I need to do for the animation, sound and collisions etc

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