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  • Hi everybody. I'm pretty new to Construct 2, but even newer to JSON.

    I'm in them midst of building a quiz-type of game that needs to be fed content from an external .json file. I know how I would do this in xml, but I feel my solution for using json might be a bit I was wondering if I could get some feedback.

    In XML, I could structure something like this:



              <questionPrompt>Question 1</questionPrompt>

              <answer>Choice A</answer>

              <answer>Choice B</answer>



              <questionPrompt>Question 2</questionPrompt>

              <answer>Choice A</answer>

              <answer>Choice B</answer>

              <answer>Choice C</answer>



    I would then iterate through it, and set up an array like: [[Question 1][Choice A, Choice B, Choice C]]

    But in json, I don't seem to have the ability to layer my arrays. So my feeble newbie attempt is something like this:



    "data":[[["Question 1"],["Choice A|Choice B"]],


    ["Question 2"],["Choice A|Choice B|Choice C"]]]


    Then I'd use tokenat to parse through the "Choice A|Choice B" strings...

    So...sorry about the length, but does this seem like a legitimate way to store layered data like this? Or am I going about it in a super clunky manner? Anyway, I appreciate feedback! Thanks.

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