Complete walk cycle not exporting

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  • I created 6 frames for my walk cycle. When I export to html5 it only puts the first 4 on 1 png file and 4 on another png file along with 2 frames from my jump cycle. How do I fix this?

  • I tried searching but couldn't fin an answer. I also tried to post pics but the forum wouldn't allow it. Please help or point in the right direction.

  • Why would you want to "fix" it?

    Does the animation not work when exported?

  • Of course it doesn't work that's why I want to fix it.

    It's only completing 4 frames. I need all 6 frames for my run cycle but it's only exporting the first four then adding the rest to the jump cycle

  • Could you make small example Capx that does this same and give it to us for look? (upload on Dropbox or something)

  • I downloaded dropbox but this forum wont allow me to post links yet. What should I do?

  • Just type in the link without the www part

    And are you sure it's not working? Construct doesn't have to export all the frames onto the same sheet for it to work properly.

  • Burvey that's why I asked, I would think this is just Construct2 arranging the frames in such a way they fit best on power of 2 size png's. If referenced correctly by Construct2 the animations should be normal when playing. If the animations aren't playing correctly while playing the game, than there is an issue.


  • It should be just like this one.

    I bought the game template online.

  • Hi, has anyone been able to look at this?

  • Man, it seems like I just keep wasting my money on all this stuff.

  • I will have a look at this tomorrow, although from what you have told it is still unclear to me what the actual problem is.

    Could you explain exactly what is happening and what you expect to happen?

    Have you tried playing the exported game and is it not working?

    Have you tried playing the game in preview and is it working?

  • nothnless

    There is nothing wrong with the export. The Exporting of a C2 game will compact all the animations into a space efficient spritesheets for use in a C2 game. These sheets do not require the image sprites to be placedin order. C2 knows where the animation for what frame is and where.

    C2 is not an art program, it is not sprite sheet editor, it is not an animation edit. It is a JS game tool kit. Which C2 does does fantastically well at.

    Sounds like the problem was an expectation that C2 is an animation exporter which it isn't.

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  • I took a look at it and it appears that your problem is not in the export of the image, rather it's because your collision box for your animation is not set up correctly, thus resulting in your character falling every time they reach a certain animation frame. Firstly, this results in the running animation to stop immediately and the falling animation to start before the running animation is complete, secondly, since you can't jump while falling, it means that the jump command doesn't work approximately half the time (while you're falling).

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