How do I make a complete platform game with the whole packag

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  • Hi there,

    I've been working with Construct 2 for a few weeks and i'm trying to make a 2D platform game with the whole package.

    With this I mean the following includes which I cant seem to work properly:

    • Character selection (Having problems with character spawning inside the levels)
    • Level selection (10 levels)
    • High Score (all scores in each lvl combined as total score at the end)
    • Score memory (Whenever you completed a level, you can play that level again without losing the previous score. Highest score stays)

    Well those are the important things i can't seem to figure out. I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this cause I've been stuck for a week.

    The best thing would be a Capx file of a comparable Platform game.

    I've included the Capx of my game as well (It's only a functional design so far, so nothing special)

    You can find it here: w

    Thanks in regards.

  • I recommend starting with the beginner tutorials here

    for each of the things you asked for help on search those exact words on the forums and tutorial section and you will find things that can help

    I recommend looking through the manual as most of what your looking for will be solved with Global variables Web storage and arrays

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  • Thanks Volkiller730, I actually have a better understanding of Global variables now!

    The one thing I can't seem to fix is a restart button for my level.

    Because some actions happen in the Character selection screen to choose between 2 character which one of them appears in my levels.

    The character that has not been chosen is destroyed in the beginning of the level.

    So every time I restart my level layout all the characters appear, because the system doesn't remember the actions from the character selection screen.

    Is there a way to save those actions whenever i start the first level?

  • Use global variable :

    Variable = 1 -------- destroy character blue

    Variable = 2 -------- destroy character red

    If you want to restart the game Reset the global variables from the System.

    There are a full platform tutorial on Scirra youtube channel.

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