Compiling Error Cocoonjs. ''SOLVED''

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  • I'm trying to compile my app and test it on android devices.

    I exported it and uploaded it to Ludei Cloud for compiling, but I'm getting a error (this error never happened before).


    ''your compilation of ******* seems to have failed, here's the information we have about the problem:

    Some filename in the submitted ZIP file has invalid characters. File path: shkronjamesimbol-sheet0.png''


    I checked my app for ''shkronjamesimbol-sheet0.png'' there are similar sprites named like this, but there is no sprite named like ''shkronjamesimbol-sheet0.png''.

    I tried several times, getting same results, can someone help, or suggest me a solution.



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  • Problem Solved ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

    Looks like one file of my application had a ''�'' character, and looks like Ludei Cloud Compiling have a conflict with that character, so problem is solved now,

    thanks for your time.


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