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  • I?ve been using all the cloud compilers for Android asociated with C2. The best option working now would be CocoonJS but it still has a few issues.

    It asks the final user all the list of permissions and we can?t edit the manifest list. This is a big problem because it forces us to set the app as "mature". And for a casual game this is a big problem.

    1)-Does anyone know if it?s possible to edit the manifest of the APK once compiled by CocoonJS?.

    2)-Is it to difficult and how?, could we compile a C2 exported project to an APK by our own means? It can be done using "Eclipse" software?.


  • Any update on compiling our games by ourselves?

    I have the same concerns that you list here.

  • Hi, the Manifest issue I solved it using "APK tool", a DOS tool that de-compiles cocoonjS apk in a folder, there you can edit the manifest.xml and limit the screens you want to support and the permissions you�re gonna ask to the user. Then with the same tool you re-build the APK, re-sign and re-align.



    You�re ready to go.

    I hope I helped you!. Merry christmas and a happy Worlds end!

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  • Thanks for the tip :) Will be of use in a month :)

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