How do I compile in the new cocoonjs web

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  • Hello everybody, I have a little problems with the new web/compiler of ludei. In previous versions of contruct2 and ludei compiler the only that I did was export the project for cocoonjs and upload the zip in the ludei compiler, after I configured the basic options I could download a funcional apk for andriod (4.0.2 in this case).

    Now I need compile a new version of these apps, but when I try to intall the apk files the only that it show if this

    The complete procces that I follow is:

    -export proyect for cordova.

    -go to ludei.

    -upload de .zip

    -configure the basic parameters (splah, icon, minimum android version, etc).

    -compile for andriod.

    -wait and download.

    -install the apk "debug version" for arm.

    • This screen.
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  • Anybody have any idea about this?

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