How do I Compile 2 different projects together

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  • Hi!

    I am currently working with one other person. He is editing all the layouts and I am working in all the event sheets and importing files.

    I would like to put our work together into one file project, but every time I do I get errors that some of the audio files are missing even though they are all in the file folders.

    How do I go about compiling them all?


  • Drury33

    I don't think there is a way to compile two different projects to one single one.

    You will probably have to merge the projects by dragging and dropping.

    So since you already did that, let's deal with the Audio error.

    Did you put the Audio files exactly there where they have been before? With the exact same names?

    Are they maybe in the "Files" folder instead of the "Sounds" folder?

    If none of the above is the case, try to search for the audio events in the Event sheet and look whether the names are confused or something.

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  • If you are brave then you can edit the .caproj and copy over the appropriate event.xml and layout.xml sheets. Not for faint-hearted non-coders at first and you would be wise to make a backup.... It's not difficult as long as your project contains all of the objects (with the same names) as those on the layouts / event sheets you wish to import.

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