How do I compile for android without using Cocon ,Phonegap?

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  • The title says it all . Please give me a solution . I dont want to use those compilers because Phonegap doesnt work at all and Cocoon destroys totally my app . Any tutorial to compile my app to android myself . Please help!

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  • Help , cocoon totally destroyed my app . It appears a black screen from a phone , totally changed fonts and sprites and the sprite positions from a tablet , and it doesnt open at all from another phone . Help.

  • Construct 2 team should take responsibilty of this thing . Give us a solution now that Intel XDK is dead. Stop lying us with those fake stupid compilers that destroy totally the apps layout.

  • istero

    Hey buddy, you finally come to your senses, Cocoon and Phonegap are useless, You are better off building your apk in your computer.

    Also, if you're planning of Monetizing your C2 app, forget it. Seems like Ashley and the gang have no plan yet of making it easy to integrate admob in your C2 projects.

    Now about exporting to android, go back to your post

    Look for my reply, like I said, your one and only last resort.

  • Thank you so much dude but whats the point of making a lot of work to create an app and in the end to not have the opportunity to make some money to cover the money you have spent building the app. Does there exist a hard way to integrate admob in my project. I hate how no one takes responsibility for this thing .

  • Also I am not quite understanding the second tutorial you gave me .I don't know what to edit from the build.json file and I am not getting the next step that says that I have to change my directory to the cordova folder . Because the app I exported from Intel XDK hasnt got a cordova subfolder . Please help. Please . Please!!!!!!!

  • LaroTaio please send me a screenshot on what should i edit in the build.json file . I am stuck at that step.

  • LaroTaio please send me a screenshot on what should i edit in the build.json file . I am stuck at that step.

    I suggest you follow the yt tutorial thoroughly, install everything correctly, to test if everything is working, skip the build.json portion, don't need to sign in with your keystore yet.

    Instead of building a signed apk command

    "cordova build android --release --buildconfig"

    use this command instead

    "cordova build android" this will build a debug apk (not signed)

    If you build an apk with out any error, then you installed all the tools correctly.


    Here is what you will edit in your build.json file:

    Target the path of your keystore file location, also pay close attention with the extra back slashes, take a look at a sample below I provided.

    -----------sample keystore path

     "android": {
         "debug": {
             "keystore": "C:\\\\Users\\Matteo.GXITALIA\\Documents\\Visual Studio 2015\\Projects\\VSOnline\\CREAM\\Mobile\\release.keystore#",
             "storePassword": "***",
             "alias": "release_alias",
             "password" : "***",
             "keystoreType": ""
    Now, about monetizing C2 apps, I've been finding ways to integrate it for about a month, since nobody here in the forum have any solution to my problem, so I decided to go to fiverr and ask experts to help me with admob integration, but to no avail, I just surrendered. The harsh reality is that C2 is not really good with adding ad monetization. Want to know if I'm telling the truth, go to their home page and look for any thing that says [b]EASY adding ads and monetization[/b] , you won't see anything. But on the brighter side, if you're goal is just to make games, for sure C2 will always be on my top game engine to make 2d games.
  • Thanks , sorry I haven't responded because I am in vacations and couldn't find wifi for a while.

    1 more question for you , sorry cause 100% I am really boring you but at the edited build.json should I edit only the path of my keystore file location or also the alias , passwords , keystore types , etc and do i have to edit the debug category or both debug and reliease category. One more time a big thank you .

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