How do I compile android games??????????????????

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  • Ok! I have tried all my creations that I have made so far 18 in all. Each and every one has an issue or two.

    some run slow, some on touch don't do requested actions, some just turn to a black screen, some the plugins don't install and some even crash. I am getting frustrated with construct 2 to mobile build........................

    I have tried both phonegap and intel xdk. I have exported both html5 and cordova and nether one make a difference. I have gone as far as going to github and pre-loading cordova plugins before build.

    and still once compiled into .apk they don't work right.............

    any help? I have read over 30 hours of posts comments and how to install plugins. both in intel xdk and via phonegap in config.xml. I have watched just about every video on the subject of how to build / compile and .apk

    I would really appreciate some help or point me in the right direction. Thanks Jeremy C.

    edit1:) Things are looking up. I was watching a video on using intel xdk to create android apps.

    they said start a blank project with or with out cordova.

    Then export from construct 2 into the www folder of the blank project.

    I built 3 games this way and the speed went out out the roof 60+ fps I am so excited.

    still having some issues with cordova plugins but making great progress. now I have to slow down some of my apps as they are really flying even better then web view on the desktops and laptops I have been testing them on.

    hope this helps others who maybe having issues building for mobile devices.

    edit2:) It is really sad when I went out and bought another android device (ver. 5) and still did not work with the apps. but yet Construct 2 promotes the use of both phonegap and intel xdk for creating andriod .apk's

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  • Bump... update....

    Ok now I have great news. I finely got the camera apps to work every time with Intel XDK.

    Just because you install the cordova plugin camera for your app that will not grant it permissions to use the camera in your app.

    in build settings go to the bottom of the device settings. you will see add permissions add CAMERA it's that easy.

    Have fun and Enjoy. Jeremy C.

    Edit:) tested on all android platforms and works like a charm.. Thank God for a little help finding the answers I was seeking.

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