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  • Hi

    I work for a company that has an existing CMS in place for managing all of its brands Facebook apps. Our company does a lot in the way of Facebook competitions, and uses this system to easily setup Facebook apps, and generate forms whereby we can capture data.

    I'm hoping to use C2 to create an HTML5 game, but still use it with our current system. My question is:

    Does C2 have the ability to make javascript calls to an external framework to be able to do the following:

    a) change the page in the app from the game to the form once the player has finished playing the game

    b) pass data from the game (such as the score) that can be used by the CMS to determine whether the player gets a bonus prize if they win.

    Any feedback would be welcome.



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  • a) The Browser plugin should allow you to display any page/url you want in your browser.

    b) The AJAX plugin can make any kind of call to a server-side script. That's probably the most likely way to pass datas to your CMS. You can check in the how do I FAQ (link in my signature) for a few examples of how to use this plugin.

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