How do I compare two sprites to see if they are the same

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  • Hi all, can anyone tell me- I am making a little game where I have a random sprites appearing on the screen.

    At the bottom of the screen I have another sprite that you will press if the sprites are the same as each other.

    It's probably simple but late last night just couldn't work it out.



  • Put them in a Family, add a Family instance variable ID, and for each Sprite type have a different ID (1, 2, etc), and check the pressed one's ID is the same as the displayed one. I think that will work.


    edit: after doing this I thought you might just use the Nickname plugin..

    2 families, a little more setup (2 lines per object) but scales better


  • HI thanks, I am at work at the moment but when i get home later I will give it a try.

    I will let you know how i get on.



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  • HI again, just had a look at both of your examples. They are both very useful and have made it much more clear for me to achieve what I am trying to do. The second cap.x is what I was trying to do. To try to understand it all I have written it all out again in my project rather than just using yours and changing sprites etc.

    Thank you.

  • No problem, if it helped in any way that's cool. I probably could've commented it more

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