how to compare text instance variables ?

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    The problem arises during events 12 & 14.

    It appears the events are not running at all, and I am wondering if it is because I am using '=' to compare two instance variables that are text?

    (however I tried changing them to numbers and it still didn't run the maybe there is a different problem.)

    My console repeatedly prints out the actions in event 8 (I assume because it is checking it at every tick?) Is this bad? Maybe this will stop happening once events 12 & 14 run properly?

    Here is what I expect to happen:

    After the player object moves towards the door of their choice (event 10)

    They arrive at the object touched, it checks if the door.doorOption doorText.specificDoor are equal to the scenario.scenarioAnswer, and if it is, it should run the corresponding actions (event 12); if it is wrong, then it will run the corresponding actions (event 14).

    It should do this until numScenarios = 0 (in event 12, I subtract 1 from numScenarios because they got it right; therefore once they have them all right numScenerios should = 0)

    I cannot figure out why the console keeps repeating the actions in event 8, and I cannot figure out why the actions in events 12 & 14 are not running, and am hoping that another pair of eyes can catch something. Thanks!

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