How do I compare the Range of a tower.

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  • I have a tower, but I do not know how to compare the tower range.

    How I do it, how to set the action of the tower when the enemy is close?

  • you mean something like:

    system pick tower where distance(tower.x,tower.y,enemy.x,enemy.y) < 100

  • How do I implement this? how does this pick?

  • How do I implement this? how does this pick?

    I'm not sure what you mean..

    This is a condition/event of the system..

    add event/condition, choose system, choose pick by comparison..

  • when you click on the tower assigns the value of weapon 1.UID to selltower.

    When click on the image to sell and next to esteusa pick by comparision

    if weapon1.UID if set to selltower. then it triggers:

    Destroy weapon1 and add 25 of money

    no debug saw so are assigning the value of UIDs for however selltower

    in time to catch the individual still object so is destroying everyone.

  • Please share your capx or a screenshot of your events, because pick by comparison should work if used in the right way..

    That is unless you have other conflicting events..

    Picking the right objects in your event is the only way to have the attached actions only apply to the objects you want..

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  • It seems, is conflicting somewhere, because to remove all objects and codes leave only some essential, I noticed that it worked as I wanted, the problem is now redo everything from the beginning and go testing to find where that is entering conflict.

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