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  • Hi Guys,

    I have one object OBJECT1 with 4 frames. This object has one instance variable 'VarNumber' - Number

    I'm creating for instances of this object on Start of layout with random SetAnimationFrame.

    After all objects are created I would like to compare either animation frame value or 'VarNumber' value ? Basically see if any instance match to another.

    How to do that ?

    It seems that after all objects are created I can't just use OBJECT1.AnimationFrame variable as it will always be set to last created object frame. Also not sure if I can set instance variable on system create object so new instance could have own value.

    Note that I cant also use trick with passing OBJECT1.AnimationFrame to global variable or to array because what if I would want to have 50 objects ? or might want to perform comparison of farms / instance variables when objects are overlapping ??



  • you can use the "system --> for each" event to iterate through your created instances to find matches.

  • Thanks I'll try that.

    But how about on collision or on overlap ? Can I compare them somehow ?



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  • You can use Families to check for collisions etc against the same object. You'll find plenty of examples of this in the forum.

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