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  • hi,

    I am new to construct2 and I am trying to implement a swapping feature between a same sprites objects which i have duplicated on the layout. The sprite is a white box with dragdrop behavior , there are 5 duplicate white boxes which can only be drop on yellow boxes. Yellow boxes are like a place where white boxes can be drop rather than any place on the layout.

    Now suppose if a white box is already dropped and placed on yellow box but still user drop the second white box on the same place then i want to swap the positions of each other on yellow boxes. Problem is when i use this condition

    SpriteA is overlapping SpriteA

    SpriteA is overlapping SproteB

          Action: SpriteA: Set Position (SpriteB.X,SpriteB.Y)

    doing that it returns me back to the SpriteB rather than setting this sprite on the other duplicate object of SpriteB.

    In simple words i need to swap their positions if one them comes near while other is already on the place.

    Please check my sample for detail ,

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