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    Does anyone know how to compare the angle of motion of a sprite that does not rotate with the angle of motion? I can see "is angle within" etc but this seems to only look at the angle of the sprite itself and not its motion.



  • If you are using the bullet behaviour, it has it's own angle property. You can use two sprites for the object, one invisible box and one sprite. Then pin them (only position), give bullet behaviour to invisible object, then compare bullet.angle to sprite.angle. Obviously, you will have to handle rotation of the sprite with other events that don't rely on bullet behaviours events & properties.

    Please forgive I am not very good either, but this is the first thing that came to my mind.

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I will give this a try, sounds like it will work. I though of some similar convoluted solutions but figured that I must have missed an obvious value to check somewhere.

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  • Easier option is to use bullet behaviors angle of motion. You can access it this way in expression: object.bullet.angleofmotion

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