Companion that follows and helps the player?

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  • Hey! I'm new to Construct 2 so I'm not sure how to do much in it at the moment. I want to know if it's possible to have a companion that follows you (in my case it's going to be an animal), but can also interact with the environment? They wouldn't be a playable character, but they're constantly with you and you would need them to help you complete certain actions. I'd also want possible interactions between them and the player to be possible (for example perhaps commands and/or just idle dialogue), but I don't know how you would do any of this. I know there was something in the FAQ about followers but there was nothing (that I saw) about companions that do more than just follow you.

    I was also interested in making some sort of relationship mechanic where you could improve your friendship upon certain acts between each other, but this part isn't as important. It would just be a cool feature to add if possible - I'm more interested in learning the answer to my first question, though. This is gonna be for a project I'm doing, so any info is really appreciated!

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  • use the rex plugin moveTo:

  • Majinboo ty! I'll be sure to check them out asap, from the brief look of them they look like what I'm after, so hopefully they'll work :)

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