Como eu faço um editor de nivel funcional?

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  • I want to make a level editor and I had the idea to replace all the tiles in a certain block, delete and replace them with sprites, then I would be able to make an interactive "tilemap" system, but I can't get the coordinates of a certain tile and replace it with a sprite, I’ve already read a topic about it but I didn’t understand it very well, please explain specifically. Thanks

    Eu quero fazer um editor de nivel e tive a idea de substituir todos os tiles de um certo bloco apagar e substituir por sprites, ai eu conseguiria fazer um sistema de "tilemap" interativo, mas eu não consigo pegar as cordenadas de um certo tile e substituir por um sprite, eu já li um topico sobre isso mas não entendi muito bem, favor explicar especificamente. Obrigado

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  • Tales_Art please bear in mind this is an English-language forum, so your posts will need to be in English. If you need to, you can use a translator such as Google Translate.

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