how to communicate with the server and client?

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  • how to communicate with the server and client construct 2? I designed the server with a guide on the forum I post the link: now I designed the server and construct 2 I added the plugin and insert socket connect ip, ip which I enter? I also tried to use hamachi but when I start the server no sign of life, sorry but I used the google translator because I do not speak English.

    Server code:// This is required to run the server

    // here we define the port the messages are sended though.

    // in this case, it is port 8080, you can define it to every port you want.

    //but take note, some ports are already in use, then it will throw in an error message.

    var io = require("").listen(8080);

    //a variable for our "automatch making"


    //if a client connects to this, it performs this whole, big function.

    io.sockets.on("connection", function (socket) {

         // when the client emits 'adduser', this listens and executes

         socket.on("joint", function(data){

              // checks, if no other waiting player exists,



                   //if yes, then it perform this

                   // it sais TmpRoom = data, that is the username that is data

                   /*That means, TmpRoom is not anymore = wait! so the next one that

                   wants to join here, go into the next loop, the "else" loop */

                   TmpRoom = data;

                   //then it creates, and joins a room, that is called after the users username


                   //Now it sends the message, you,playersname

                   socket.send("you," + TmpRoom);

                   // and now, it ends the loops.





                   //Joins the Temporary Room, to the enemy player


                   //Then it sends, the name of the room.

                   socket.send("Room," + TmpRoom);

                   //now, the interesting part. It not just sends a data to ONE client,

                   //but to all clients in the room. To all clients in the TmpRoom.

                   // the data that it sends, are the currently room name.

         "enemy," + TmpRoom);

                   //and the username from the other player.

         "enemy," + data);

                   //now it again sets the TmpRoom = wait, so the next that tries to join,

                   //again, is going to the upper loop, and creating its own room.

                   //Rooms are automatically "destroyed" when the Host, leaves the room.

                   TmpRoom = "wait";




         //if the socket, gets a custom function from C2, called Message with some data(the room name),

         //then it performs this:

         socket.on("message", function(data){

              //now it is in the loop, and if the server gets a event called Chatmessage,

              //probably with a string message, then it performs this:

              socket.on("chatmessage", function(data2){

                   //Sends a chat message in the room.

                   //it sends data to all clients in the room. that

                   //the sending client defined in his "message" function.

         "chatmessage," + data2);


              //that is pretty much the same and don�t require any explanation

              // i hope.

              socket.on("GameSettings", function(data2){

                   //Sends the Game settings, x,y coordinate, String, everything!

         "GameSettings," + data2);



         // when the user disconnects. perform this:

         socket.on("disconnect", function(data){

              //on disconnecting, it leaves the room.




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  • Here's a pastebin (I reccommend using this for code as I do not see code tags on the forum) -- as that is quite hard to read.


    Tutorial Link

  • the problem is to configure the program for a connection with the server, I selected connect here and do not know what ip enter. I tried putting the disk, hamachi, but nothing as if no incoming data to the server.

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