Comment bien d�finir les animations aux contr�les

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  • Voil� que j'ai un probl�me, lorsque je saute lanimation fige au premier frame et lorsque je tombe aussi. si quel qu'un peux m'aider � ce sujet, j'en saurais r�vi :) pour les d/tails des event je vous envoie par couriel.

  • Hi.

    This is an English forum so please post in English or provide a translation.

  • You probably have conflicting events, which means two events that are both true.

    If walking and jumping and or falling are both true and have different animations C2 will try to trigger those animations every tick, in effect starting over every tick and therefor keep playing frame 1.

  • Assures-toi que la vitesse d'animation pour le saut et la chute ne soient pas 0 et, si n�c�ssaire, se d�roulent en boucle. Assures-toi aussi que l'animation de ton personnage change en utilisant les �v�nement "on jump" et "on fall".


    Pixelcataklysm's problem is that his/her character's animation freezes on first frame when jumping or falling. I suggested making sure the animation speed is non-0 and, if needed, are looping. Also said he/she should make sure animations are properly changed via "on jump" and "on fall" events.

  • Huhu, nice to see french people here, but, yes, it's an english forum so please, respect that.

  • La natation est tres difficile pour moi

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  • Sorry for that, I was tired and I did not know that it can conflict others with my french, anyway in that case it was for me the easiest way to explain my previous prolem. Thanks you all here I solved the problem by my own and by discovering this amazing software. merci!

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