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  • Hi guys !

    Im in the middle of creating a game and I have a little problem, I want to make one pause menu for all levels, which will be called by touching right bottom corner of screen in the current layout/level (let say that will be third level of fifteen) and I want to come back from pause menu to level on which i've played before pause.

    shortly: I need to know how to come back to previously loaded layout.

    How should I do this ?

    please help me :)

  • Is the pause menu a separate layout then? If the pause menu loads in front of the current layout then you're already on it so I'm going to assume the pause menu loads on a different layout. Just give each layout a 'key' or global variable so level 1 is 1, level 2 is 2. Every time you pause it sets the key depending on what level you're playing. Then when you unpause it checks the key variable and if it is 1, it returns to level 1 etc. So in short : use a global variable : P

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  • i'll check this solution mate, thx for reply ! ;)

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