How do I combine "And" vs "Or" blocks in an event?

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  • I was trying to do something similar to the following:

    (hitboxPlay.Bullet.speed = 100 & hitboxPlay.Bullet.distanceTravelled = 500)  
    (hitboxPlayer Platform is on floor & hitboxPlayer.value =200)
    (hitboxPlayer Is overlapping endPoint & hitboxPlayer Platform is falling )
    [do something]
    but I can not find any document or tutorial for this. Any way to combine "AND" vs "Or"?
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  • First two conditions on your screenshot can be written as an expression and combined into one condition.

    System ->Compare two values -> (hitboxPlay.Bullet.speed = 100 & hitboxPlay.Bullet.distanceTravelled = 500)  = 1[/code:2265h69r] 
    Unfortunately you can't do this with your other two AND blocks. (You probably know all this already)
    So no, this isn't possible. I face the same issues in my game and have to use workarounds like boolean variables or something else.
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