How do I combine multiple C2 Construct exports into one .exe

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  • So I understand it's tricky and time consuming to combine multiple Construct 2 projects into one file, but I was wondering how tricky it would be to export several different Construct 2 projects and then run them all under one webkit executable.

    For example, I could create my own index.html and link to the different projects separate index.html files from that one, so each of the games would be a seperate mini-game but you'd be able to reach each from the main index file.

    I just don't have much experience with creating node webkit projects manually, does anyone know where I can get started with that?

    edit: I should probably google before just posting to this forum... this video tutorial may be what I need:

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  • I think Node Webkit is basically having all files inside the executable (not sure but renaming the node webkit exported executable into a .zip can open it and show the files, like they are just added together), so if your first index.html can link to others in subfolders, I think it should work

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