How to combine Levels and Time for Leaderboard logic?

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  • Hi guys. I have some difficulties with leaderboard logics.

    Let's say I have few players with maximum level they achieved and time they spent.

    For example, three player: Mark achieved level 7 and spent 50 seconds; Eric achieved level 7 and spent 120 seconds; Robert achieved level 5 and spent 80 seconds.

    So my leaderboard will look like:

    1st place Mark - 7 lvl for 50 seconds

    2nd place Eric - 7 lvl for 120 sec

    3rd place Robert - 5 lvl for 80 seconds

    So, the quation how I may send this data to Firebase or even simple GooglePlay Leaderboard service? In GooglePlay Leaderboard service I have only two logic possibilities "Larger is better" or "Smaller is better" but in my case I have combination of two different info "Levels" and "Time".

    Even simpler case, how I combine these two infos in to in game "top player's" array for/or in game Local Leaderboard?

    Thanks in advance :)

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