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  • Hi! New to the forum, but been using construct and the irc for a while now.. I was just wondering if anyone had any idea on how to accomplish coloured lighting?

    Just like how the lighting.capx example does it 'cept in colour.

    I felt a bit silly when trying to achieve this by simply turning the light sprite into a coloured one.. it's clearly not how it works!

    I'm guessing it isn't possible just yet.. but i'm not 100% sure which is why i'm asking

    after checking the effects example cap, I understand how the individual effects work, but to be honest the full practical uses of them or combinations of them escapes me, could anyone give examples of how they could be used?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • *by effects i'm referring to the (additive, copy, xor, destination over.. etc etc)

  • Here ya go -

    Mess with the opacity and size to get the intensity you want. As for the other effects, check out the manual. I think it has a page on them.

  • Hi, thanks for the quick reply!..

    unfortunately, i've already tried doing this.. whilst it looks okay for light, somewhat muted colours, it's not exactly how light works (it's kind of like how it would work with thin layer of fog being lit up and washing over the existing colours... see how it brightens the dark "html" text?..when really black should absorb all light and remain black)

    Here's kind of what i'm aiming for here:



    even though this is a kind of garish and extreme example, (plus, again i don't think it's entirely accurate), it would still allow for much more vivid lighting (like deep red emergency lights)

    The red blue n green are additive to each other, surrounded by black, on an overlay layer atop the 'before' image.

    The more i'm thinking about it the less it seems possible... without the equivalent of an overlay blending mode D: ..unless, of course there's some cunning trickery

  • not useable in a game but it was fun to do ... index.html

    fear the capx <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">


  • Yann, Loving it!! Looks really nice. How easy do you think it would be to make one of them spotlite things? you know where the lights are moving in a circular motion? That might look quite nice in my game :)

  • You have to wait for real pixelshader hardware accelerated fx, my thing can't work in real time the process is too heavy

  • Ahh that would have been coooooooool!!

  • Canvas doesn't have much in the way of effects right now - we aim to add more effects for WebGL mode in future, but Canvas 2D doesn't support that so for now we're sticking mostly to what both Canvas 2D and WebGL can both manage.

  • Guys

    It will be easier if you

    Make individual light sprites

    Can be made with photoshop

  • Okay ash

    thanks for replies all

    Yann, now that I tried opening your cap I realised you used a plug in..

    When you sent me this in chat I didn't know.. I was so confused as to how you did it.. cool though

    also kbd.. I'm not sure I understand you? Are you talking about making sprites the right colours in photoshop beforehand? Because if so that's not what i'm after.. I'd like them.. uhh "dynamic" if you know what I mean :p

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