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  • hi

    I wanted to make RGB colour mixer with slider so I made three sprites Red one, Green one and Blue also pot them on and made sliders to manipulate the opacity.

    The problem is that you cant get a lot of colours that way.

    Have any idea how to make real RGB colours mixer?

  • Change the sprite's blend mode to additive and make sure it's black under them. You can then get any color.

  • Make your sprites greyscale, and use Color tint effect.

    Take a look in the tools section of this forum, I added a template for node webkit + the sources.

    in the sources you will see how I did a color pallet, and mixed the colors to the sprites.

    If you want to go a step further, make your sprites greyscake except for key colors.

    Use a tint effect to color the greyscale, and use a color replace to change the key colors.

    All of the effects use the same values so it is easy.

    Rather than 255 shades for R,G, and B, you will have 100 as the ceiling and 0 as the floor.

    It is a real pain in the $#@ to adjust because you need 3 event actions for each color change.

    effect parameter 0 is red, 1 is green and 3 is blue.

    hope this is useful

    EDIT there is a Set color too, that is really nice for making pallet color swatches, and anything else you need solid changeable colors for.

  • Wow, thank you very much ;)

  • R0j0's suggestion is good if you don't have webGL, but if you do then jojo's will probably be a bit easier.

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  • Chotkos , I forgot to mention there is a color replacer too.

    This is good to use for things like team jersey colors for a sports game.

    Make the players with a "key-color" for the uniforms. The "Key-Color" can later be replaced with the team color.

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