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  • HI there,

    I've got a load of sprites etc. all drawn with shades of grey. I want to add different shades of colour for each level (e.g. blue shades for level 1, red shades for level 2 etc.), but can't work out how to do this.

    I was hoping that I could just add an effect to a layer on top, and then this would affect layers underneath (kind of how layers in photoshop work), but I can't get it to work.

    The color effect seems to just plonk a massive rectangle of colour there, and I'm not sure how to use it so that it only colours sprites with alpha.

    How can I do this? Thanks in advance.

  • All I've found in the forums are plugins for Construct Classic, but of course I'm using Construct2, and I've found several posts saying these are not compatible (and I've tried myself - just in case!).

    Apart from stretching a coloured rectangle across the whole area (which darkens the picture), I'm out of ideas...

  • It might not be exactly the effect you want, but by adding a coloured tiledbackground and setting it's blendmode to additive, you get a colourizing effect.


    hmm.. Adding a coloured tiledbackground on the top of a layer and setting it's effect to colour actually works very nicely, so I guess that's a far better way..

  • Hey LittleStain, cheers for helping out.

    Yeah, I've looked at the color effect but I've got no idea how to use it and I can't find any documentation on it either. Where I can I look for this? I can't find it in the manual sections...

    Same goes for the other effects as well and I can't find a forum post with details for them etc.

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  • Dude - using the colored tile background has helped immensely! Thanks!

    But I wonder why it wouldn't work if I applied it to a layer? Should it have done and I implemented it wrong?

    Regardless, this is a big help for me getting my #LD28 entry done today! Cheers!

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