Color Wheel Customization?

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  • Basically I want to give my players in my game the ability to customize their players hair and skin color.

    I was wondering, is their a specific event/expression/plugin etc which can give me access to the color wheel (the one used to in edit animations) So that my players can use it to customize their characters?

  • There is webgl effect you can use to change color dynamically in game. Either tint or color, whatever fits your purpose better :)

  • I only want to change certain parts of the object (hair, skin) not the whole thing.

    The object will be moving around the screen.

  • Maybe a RGB Slider? (One for each)

    Though I have no idea how to make sliders...

  • Maybe a RGB Slider? (One for each)

    Though I have no idea how to make sliders...

    I don't believe there is inbuilt functionality for sliders / color wheel. So you'd need to implement one yourself, and tie the functionality to the player choices.

    Look into canvas plugin though, it usually solves everything graphics related. :)

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  • Yeah I checked canvas out, not really what I'm looking for.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Basically I want to take that zombie and fill its skin in with any color the player wants.

  • I agree with Vee41 regarding the webGL effect being the simplest solution. However, this option will only work on webGL enabled devices. Also, you'll need to use a separate sprite for each body part you want colored, and layer them appropriately during runtime.

    Here's an example:



    If it were my game, I'd probably create a few canned color options that are hard coded instead of having to worry about color layers, and webGL enabled devices.

    I hope this helps.

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