How Do I Get Color Number In A Specific Loc Image?

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  • Dear Friends,

    How Do I Get the Color number (R,G,B) for example (255,0,0) in a specific location of Image or sprite in the


    In other words i need to retrieve the color in a specific location of an image or sprite in the screen and do something...for example play a sound...

    Is there a construct function or instruction??or a plugin??? I don't see everywhere...

    Can you help me with a capx?? if you can ??? i will thank you so much...

    Best regards,


  • how did the pixel become the color to make the sound ?

  • The closest thing to that would be to use the third party Canvas plugin. It has a rgbaAt expression but it only works to get the color on the canvas object's texture. It also has actions to draw other objects onto this texture which is useful.

    The overall method would be to draw everything on screen to a screen sized canvas object, and after that get the color with rgbaAt.

  • i thank you to everybody....but the test of a pixel in a specic location.. is my need and the play sound it was only an example....

    ok you ..also tell me a third pard canvas you have a link please??? if you can.... i thank you so much...



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  • Dear R0J0hound,

    i saw your plug-in.....but i don't see inside any function rgbat...also there's no a little manual to explain your plug-in...could you so kind to create a little capx example that recall that function..rgbat???

    I will thank you so much....thousands thanks!!!

    Best regards,


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