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  • Perhaps i am overlooking it cause it is quite a normal feature in a lot of programs but can i color an instance of a sprite? So let's say i upload a bush/shrubbery shape in white and color it variations of green in C2 thus saving having to upload seperate colored sprites to get color variations. I often used this in HUD's and such to change to the correct color when joining a team for example.

    Possible? Not possible?

    If it is not in C2 but it is possible i would put this on the wishlist *nods :p

  • It's possible in WebGL but not possible in Canvas 2D, so to make sure games always look the same we don't support it at all yet.

    We'll be adding support when we add our full WebGL shader effects system in future, which will properly support fallbacks for when effects aren't supported.

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  • That makes sense.. *nods

    Thank you for your clear answer!

    I sincerely derive half the joy i get from C2 by means of the prompt support and not even from the program itself.

    Didn't need to ask many questions sofar, but when i do the answer is very clear and usefull. I like that a lot.. even though it is not the answer i hoped for ofcourse whehe

  • Just realized some people may want to publish to nothing but chrome store and that pretty much ensures webgl or am i wrong?

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